Water resistant, tough, and built to keep the batteries secure through any environment.
Contoured, rugged, and injection molded from advanced materials formulated by GE, this is the core of your P-Tec headlamp.
Precision engineered to give you P-Tecís power at the touch of a button.
Precision pivot mount to angle your headlamp for maximum effect.
The foundation and seal of the housing, forming part of the main grip and holding tight the batteries and bracket.
Holds the lamp secure to the headband, pack, or wherever you need it.
Burn brighter with your own Fuel. Four UltraBright LEDs form the core of this lightweight, robust lamp. The Fuel was born reliable, compact and powerful. Now you make it one of a kind. Whether you need to read a map or a cliff face, the 70 lumen Fuel is ready at the touch of a button. However you choose to customize it, this headlamp comes with a housing as rugged as the outdoors itself. With 146 hours of power packed into a unit weighing in at only 79g, the Fuel is a high-octane lighting solution.


The back bracket is one of the key interface points between your body and the headlamp. Smoothly curved, the bracket fits precisely and snugly against your forehead when mounted on a high performance P-Tec headband. Ready for any situation, the bracket mounting system can install your lamp on a shoulder strap, a climbing rig, webbing, or a tentís gear loft. Whether you want to mix and match your strap or customize a whole lighting rig, you can set up your P-Tec light wherever you need it to be.


Even the power of the Fuel or the Remix does no good until aimed where it needs to be. The backing bracket unique to this product family balances the weight of the lamp evenly through its central axis, giving it precise aiming that remains stable no matter what kind of action you get into.


The end cap is the bulkhead of your headlamps rugged housing. It fixes the main body to the bracket, keeps the pivot action stable, and forms a secure backstop for the battery bay. The contoured design of the end cap will ensure you can get a solid grip on your lamp in any conditions, wherever you mount it.


It's the simple plans that work best, and when it came to the battery door the P-Tec design team chose ĎKeep the batteries in, everything else out.í The hatch on the Fuel and Remix is rugged, water resistant, and engineered to tightly close with a positive snap, so if you ever need to change your batteries in the field you can be sure itís sealed and ready to go. To help you change batteries in less than ideal conditions, the head strap buckle doubles as a tool to access the hatch and eject the spent batteries.


It might seem like the simplest part, but the power button is one of the most carefully engineered elements of the entire headlamp. The large switch has to be completely reliable, extremely robust, and easy to find and activate, even if youíre upside-down and wearing gloves. The power button has a positive tactile response all across its surface, giving an audible click to confirm its activation, just in case the brilliant beam of light isn't proof enough.


The heavy duty housing of the Fuel and the Remix is made from a combination of Xenoy and Xylex plastics, chosen for their great impact resistance and high temperature and stress tolerance. Injection molded in our own workshops, internal reinforcements provide strength and external contours give a sure grip, making sure you can find the power button instinctually.


POWER70 Lumens
LAMP4 Ultrabright LEDs
BURN TIME146 Hours
WEIGHT78 Grams